FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This page will collect and contain frequently asked questions about Torikatu 49. You can ask questions by sending email to the board. If the question seems general and useful it will be added to this page for further reference.

#1: How to use the GSM intercom entry system?

  1. Select your friends apartment number from the interface.
  2. Intercom will phone to residents phone.
  3. Answering the call will open a voice connection through intercom, pressing the number five (5) will open the front door.
  4. Door stays open for 30 seconds and you may now disconnect the call.

#2: How to register my number to use with the intercom system?

  1. When moving in, inform your phone number to the property management firm. This number will be used for intercom calls.
  2. There's no fees for your phone bill for answering the intercom call.
  3. Save the intercom phone number to your GSM to avoid confusion.
  4. Let only persons you know inside with the intercom.

#3: How do I notify about my move in or out of the condominium?

  1. You need to notify the property managers and maintainers individually.
  2. The notification to the property maintainers is done by sending email to: info@kiinteistohuoltokorkala.fi
  3. The notification to property managers is done through their website .
  4. The phone number given to the property managers is used when updating the GSM intercom system.

#4: What else should I know about this condominium?

  1. The condominium does not have separate washing or a drying rooms.
  2. The apartment specific lockers in the decommissioned cold storage are usable by the resident as normal storage space.

#5: How do I ask a question from the residents board of Torikatu 49?

  1. Send email to hallitus@torikatu49.info.